20/20 Vision for 2020


I don’t doubt that you’ll see many people using the term “20/20 vision” since we’re now in the year 2020. Those who sell eyewear, for example, would refer to it literally—that is, 20/20 eyesight means having visual acuity to see shapes and details from 20 feet away. And when used metaphorically, it means to be able to clearly see what lies ahead particularly as we look into the new year.

I recently saw an article in the Jerusalem Post titled, “20/20 vision for avoiding additional elections in 2020,” (Gil Hoffman, 12/26/19). It was about Israel avoiding the amount of elections in the New Year that the nation had in 2019—namely, two national elections with a third one being initiated. This is unusual even for a parliamentary democracy form of government like Israel’s. Certainly, we can see with all the political turmoil that Israel has experienced this past year, with forming a new government and all, having better vision would be needed to keep from repeating such a dilemma this new year.

Having 20/20 foresight for seeing ahead more clearly is just as important as having 20/20 hindsight. And I’m not merely including politics. Lord knows, we’d all be better off if all of OUR politicians along with their supporters had 20/20 foresight as well as 20/20 hindsight. But, knowing the flaws of human insight, I’m sure that’s simply much too out of sight to expect for the most part.

Having 20/20 vision is important for all of us in any year but now that we’re actually going forward into year 2020 what better time to be reminded of it? For this new year of 2020 to be a happy year, it’s imperative that we don’t forget the spiritual aspect of having 20/20 vision. Proverbs 29:18-27 provides an excellent guideline to follow…

Where there is no vision from God, the people run wild,
but those who adhere to God’s instruction know genuine happiness.
Words are not enough
to correct a servant;

even if he understands, he will not respond.
Have you ever met someone who is overly eager to talk?
There is more hope for a fool than for him.
If you indulge your servant from early in life,
in the end it won’t go well for either of you.
A hot-head provokes quarrels,
and one mastered by anger commits all kinds of sins.

A person’s pride brings him down,
but one of humble spirit has a firm hold on honor and respect.
Anyone who teams up with a thief must despise his own life,
for he is bound by an oath to tell the truth and yet refuses.
If you fear other people, you are walking into a dangerous trap;
but if you trust in the Eternal, you will be safe.
Many people vie for special treatment from a ruler,
yet genuine justice proceeds from the Eternal.
The right-living are disgusted by the actions of the unjust;
likewise, the wicked are disgusted by the ways of the righteous.
(The Voice, VOICE)

Our vision for this new year would not only be incomplete but totally distorted if we didn’t fully depend upon the vision for living that comes from God. When the prophets of old presented God’s Word as well as his will to the people, they had two choices to make: Either they could obey his instructions or disobey them. Of course, obedience is what provided the blessings God promised, (for example, Deuteronomy 30).

God wants us to be blessed. Even the word “blessed” means “happy.” God’s desire for our happiness is found through service. When we serve God and one another, we are using 20/20 vision and this brings many blessings of happiness. Jesus demonstrated such vision when he washed the disciples’ feet. He said to them, “I tell you the truth: a servant is not greater than the master. Those who are sent are not greater than the one who sends them. If you know these things, and if you put them into practice, you will find happiness,” (John 13:16-17, Ibid.).

Take a look back at Proverbs 29:18-27 and, from the view of being one of God’s servants, check off the many ways your vision for 2020 will truly be 20/20. The words I’ve put into bold print will give you some hints that will help you envision some actions—some negative ones to avoid and some positive ones to apply—which you can take. And when you look back at the end of this year, you can see even more clearly the blessings the Lord will bring when the next year comes— unless of course, the Lord returns by then.

Good News to YOU!
Pastor Michael

P.S. When we keep our eyes on Jesus we will have a vision that will not only take us through the year but throughout each day of our lives until he comes again to establish his Kingdom. Here’s Planetshakers Official Lyric Video, “Be My Vision,” http://youtu.be/q4wwmf6q-R4

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